About James Michael House

My name is James Michael House. I've always enjoyed taking pictures, even as a kid. Not really into the film development process like many photogrpahers, it was never considered as a professional avenue initially. Photography really started as a hobby in my early twenties with the emerging digital camera technology. A computer and technologically inclined individual the digital world fit me well. A tendency to travel, exploring the countryside and cities, taking pictures as I go followed. I started studying more about it, building proficiency with editing in programs like Photoshop. Since then, I've become active on the side working with photography professionally. I have a passion for creativity. My main outlet for the visual arts comes with photography. The subject matter is usually related to nature, the outdoors, architecture, landscapes, cities, and travel. Much of my work is done on trips I plan on my own. I have an eye for the beauty in the world around us that I truly love to capture as a moment frozen in time or an abstract expression in the colors and patterns around.